Breakfast is always play the vital role in our food habit. In the village of any country the most common thing is they consume organic source of food compare to any urban life style. The main mantra of healthy food habit is ” eat breakfast like a king’ means breakfast should me more healthy in quality and quantity both. As per Waugh Bhatt timing of breakfast is depend on sunny condition of the region . Ideal period of breakfast is within 2:30 hours after sunrise specially in Asian country.

Always eat your favorite food in breakfast instead of eating in lunch and dinner because technically after breakfast we have a more time to digest it . Avoid process food in breakfast , try to eat healthy food such as fruits, sprouts . I personally choose to eat fruit instead of fruit juice because the natural fiber is not available in juice. The basic traditional food of any country’s villages are best because that is more pure and healthy than any urban food habit. Always use different grain in lunch and breakfast such as semolina, rice ,maize , pearl millet, and don’t sick on single grain. The biggest thing to remember always become gadget free when taking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Healthy villages food habit always helpful to become healthy in mental and physical manner.

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