“Water is the driving force of all nature” quotes by great “Leonardo da Vinci” .The observation was perfect for those days and also now days, only the differences are in quality of water and drinking habit and the resources .

I think it’s not new information , everybody know abouts drinking water in early morning is healthy habit but in this competitive era people bother about their long term goal they are very less keen about their daily routine , specially in urban area.

A new technology also helpful to maintain good healthy habits there are many inbuilt app in mobile phone who remind individual to drink water at a time which you want to set and also other app such as “water reminder”, not only remind to drink water in interval but also about the quantity, daily goals and progress report.

Here some tips and facts of drinking water to maintain the healthy habits

  • Store water in copper vessel and mud pitchers and bottle.

In villages people are use copper and also mud pitchers to store water and as we all so called urban healthy people used plastic bottle to drink water , so the fact is natural product will be remain in natural condition when we store it in natural product such as clay and metal but plastic is man made and it always pollute the natural ingredients of water.

As per Ayurveda copper and silver both are ideal to increase quality of water. Copper has various antioxidant and antibacterial properties which boost up the immunity of human body even silver is a antioxidant and helpful for smoothing digestive system.

Minimum 8 hours storage is require to gain the maximum benefit of these two metal. Always keep clean the copper vessel because it color turn from brown to bright green, it’s call corrodes and it create health related issue. Excess amount of copper in water can causes health issue such as diarrhea, stomach cramp so always use in alternate order or as per individual body acceptance.

Now days bottle made from clay and mud pitchers also bring the old style of storing water , the quality of water becomes rich in various minerals such as iron, phosphorus , calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12 .

  • Your body position also matter while drinking water.

Relax mode is always desirable while drinking water as per Ayurveda . Standing position while drinking water create unbalance in fluids level in human body which leads arthritis and other kidney malfunctions .

Always use to drink water in sitting position to avoid such type of dieses. So drink water in seating manner and sip water slowly to recharge the body.

  • Water temperature matter.

Water temprature also play a vital role in human body , avoid ice cold water because it damage metabolism of body and make hurdles in digestive system.

Ayurveda promotes water at room temperature and Luke warm water is most preferable . Luke warm water helpful to control weight and bad cholesterol level and cleaning the blockage .

Refrigerator really helpful to keep fresh vegetable and other product fresh but it is highly use to drink cold water. Mud pitchers is natural cooling machine you can use it to fulfill your thirst.

So let’s start the journey of Healthy H2o process and keep our metabolism system healthy.

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  1. Almost I obeyed all instructions which you mentioned in your storey..these kind of information are so useful for all because now a days life style are so hectic..keep walking running’s or yoga everyday for fitness..Arun my friend you are doing so fantastic work..keep motivating people always.


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