I am not a scientist or a doctor but a simple man and a virtual and physical traveler who want to start his journey to find out world’s best healthy life. I just want to recall and discover the untouch truth of healthy villages and the ancient habits. Can you join me ?

Welcome Readers,

My Name is Arun Dayma the founder of healthyvillaggio .

I am a sales/marketing professional but i love to write . Off course this is my first blog and I always keep it like first love. Now days we have a great infrastructure and lavish life style to enjoy every moment of life but still we are not rich yes “not rich” . We are poor by health and year 2020 open all doubts because in this year each and every person wants to boost up his/her immune power.

People are not synchronize their wealth with healthy habits . A big healthy transformation is needed in today’s era, may be in future different type of virus attack just like Covid-19 . I choose title healthyvillaggio because villages are still associated with nature and always use basic and old life style to live.

In this blog I just want to share an ancient life style step by step , off course it is tough to adopt all that in the urban era but still we can try to applied in our day to day life no matter what percentage we achieve. We can increase it day to day by practice.