The best practise of people who lives in healthy villages is that they are early riser . The energy level of early riser is at the top level , even you can practically feel your productivity increase day by day by adopting this habit.

In urban life late night activities having lots of fun , chill and enjoy with rock on movement but at the end in the morning all rockers become slow walker so best habit to adopt is early to rise and for that early to go to bed is best option.

Dear reader in a “google era” yes i use this term because google do provide all informative material at one click , all quotes and methods and books to wake up early in the morning being available but practically its tough to adopt it. I want to share my experience and tool how i use to wake up early in morning ! Guys I have an affair and it helped me to become an early riser.

I found love sorry found is not appropriate actually i developed love with plants and use my terrace and balcony to date with my plant at a time when i was suffering from covid-19 . I truly say it’s a tremendous feeling when you notice the growing edge of your plants and become so possessive and keen about your plants. I love to take care my plant like a parent and that habit helped me to become early riser.

Start to develop love with plant and make it serious affair with them , it not only decorate your home but also make better environment for next generation. I know space in metro city is the biggest challenge for plants and gardening but you can use your balcony , window also for plants. So find out your affair and develop love.

I know its not easy to adopt this habit but i personally keep in my mind two lines of “The 5 AM Club” a book which is written by famous author “Robin Sharma” the line is “All change is hard at first ,messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”. Best of luck for an affair and become early riser.

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