Bathing is not only a process of cleaning the outside body but also helpful in charging up our thought and creativity. In a competition era, people perform this healthy habit as a mere formality. Ideal bathing habit always increase the productivity of human being.

Normal temperature and lukewarm water are ideal for bathing purpose . Bathing should be in proper sequence for example: let’s talk about exercise-if a person does exercise without warming him/her up than he/she can’t perform well and fatigue do arise in few minutes so like that in bathing pattern always warm up your body by bathing in proper sequence start from bottom to top. Don’t wet head first because it can cause brain stroke .

Mostly all type of soaps tend to rough and dry skin to some extend. In villages people still uses the paste of fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and rose water as a natural body cleanser, also uses paste of gram flour and milk to increase the glow of the skin. There are many herbal products available in Ayurveda for natural and healthy bathing.

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