A habit from the beginning of our childhood can’t be removed so easily. For instance: people are used to with toothbrush and toothpaste. Right now we all human beings are updated but with this update we need to keep our good habit alive to live healthy. Thereby; we can use Indian datun without dropping up our plastic toothbrush. Datun means a teeth cleaning twig mostly use in villages in ancient era.

In Ayurveda there are mainly eight types of datun . First of all I will briefly elaborate what is ” datun” ? Datun is twig of plants that are chewed at that level so one side is frayed and it can be use as a natural brush. Mostly the plants have high content of antibacterial and astringent so the datun is beneficial for teeth and body both.

I know each and every person want to complete his/her daily routine very fast but still we can manage time because our motto is only healthy life style, so without skipping our tooth brush (plastic), tooth paste we can consume datun for a 6-9 minute in morning or twice a week or four times a week as per our convenience.

Here are some facts about how to use datun/ teeth cleaning twig:

(1) Before using please gently wash the twigs and remove any impurity on surface.

(2) Use twig very gently don’t rub fast.

(3) After using you can also use it next day by cutting the used part of datun.

As per waghbhatt in summer, you can use neem, babul and madar.

In winter  jamun, amrud.

Here are some most used datun:

  • NeemDatun/Twig/Stick

This is the most useable datun , Neem is a special herb of India. Neem have good antiseptic quality and anti germ features. Neem helps not only in oral care but also helpful to make human body energetic and cleanses all toxicity from your body, it also performs as a blood purifying agent. Can be used throughout the year.

Image By Prachi Bubna
  • Babul Datun/Twig/Stick

Babul is also known as gum arabica tree and kikar. Mainly helpful to remove impurity and make teeth shiny and clean and having antibacterial agent. Best time to use it in summer.

  • ArjunDatun/Twig/Stick

Arjun is a tree of the genus terminalia. It has good clinical benefit as per ayurveda. Arjun tree is useful in high blood pressure and diabetic diease. Majorly helpful to clean hard teeth stains and make balance of your upper body part.

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